Methodological Resources

I’m currently working on developing some qualitative methodological resources to assist colleagues and students who are new to qualitative research find their footing. If you’re in this situation, I’d love to hear what type of resources you would find helpful.

If you are based at McMaster University or Hamilton Health Sciences and interested in connecting with others who are interested in qualitative health research methods, e-mail me for more information about our monthly FHS Qualitative Research group. All welcome.

Introductory resources covering popular topics for novice qualitative researchers

These resources are slide presentations I have developed for qualitative research methods courses in the following McMaster programs: Health Policy PhD, Health Research Methodology (MSc and PhD), Master’s of Health Science Education, Health Aging and Society (BA).


  1. What’s the difference between qualitative and quantitative methods? Which is more appropriate for my research question? [very short slides, first contact level]
  2. Philosophical Worldviews (sometimes known as theoretical foundations, paradigms etc.) [slides,  introductory level]
  3. Theory and the Research Thought Process (contrasts Qual and Quant) [slides, introductory level]

Study Design and Methodologies: 

  1. Introduction to qualitative research design and methodologies [slides, introductory level for undergraduate students]
  2. Introduction to qualitative research design [slides, introductory level for quantitative researchers- overlap with #1]

Data Collection:

  1. Primer on Data Collection: [narrated e-module, introductory level for graduate students] **Click the orange “launch” button. May be slow to load**
  2. Writing an Interview or Focus Group Guide: [narrated e-module, introductory level for graduate students] **Click the orange “launch” button. May be slow to load**

Data Analysis:

  1. Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis [slides, introductory level]
  2. Qualitative Coding [Slides, intermediate level]

Helpful references for novice qualitative researchers from other sources:

  1. All the qualitative-relevant pages from Academic Medicine’s Conducting Research in Health Professions Education: From Idea to Publication (November 2016)

Reference lists that may assist more advanced qualitative researchers:

Coming Soon- EndNote Libraries shared on request

  1. Methodologies
  2. Strategies for creating rigorous qualitative research
  3. Methods for secondary synthesis of qualitative research
  4. Qualitative methods in Medical Education